We are a technologically advanced company, with high standards of quality and attentive to product's evolution, based on a strong and broad organizational structure, composed by multifaceted skilled professionals in different areas of the company:


- High Production capacity with three manufacturing units, seven production lines, and also containing a string of outsourcing.
- Cut LECTRA automated system, automatic presses finishing coat "Veit Brisay", technologically advanced equipment adapted to any type of clothing.
- Logistics storage and handling of products in hanging system.



- Quality control System in materials, fabrics and accessories reception.

- Quality product inspection standards according to AQL standards and certified by our customers.

Product Creation & Development

- Creative department of product conception and development respecting the features defined by the Client and their stylists.


Commercial & Marketing

- Specific assistance and support by client manager, experienced in global orders management following the whole process from idea to the final product.

Management & Organization

- We use the best practices in Business Management and Organization, involving all employees participation in improving the company dynamics.